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Alea iacta estne?

Really quick post. About “how do you make decisions?” I do not make decisions. I consider pro and cons of ‘the situation’, weight them, dismantle them in little factor to which I’d assign a percentage weight and then decide, on … Continue reading

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Getting ready for the adventure inside the adventure and dragging the world into the World.

Sometimes I wish I talked more with people about their plans for future and their wishes/ambitions. Today I was talking with a friend from secondary school, that one friend I’ve always only had really deep talks with: we took a drama course … Continue reading

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Am I an introvert hamster?

“Il fatto che mi basti poco per essere felice non significa che mi accontenti delle briciole. Altrimenti sarei un criceto” ~Italo Calvino “The fact that I don’t need much to be happy does not mean that I’m content with crumbles. … Continue reading

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Oh look at what I’ve found!! I had done this about two years and something ago, when we were studying Horatius at school for Latin literature class.       The quote says “(while we are talking, the envious time … Continue reading

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Life is a pendulum between pain and boredom?

So, I was looking for info for an assignment and I came across a blog -it seemed interesting, but it wasn’t. Yet, the final sentence was “leave enough time for fun”, which obviously caught my attention. This will sound SO … Continue reading

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Experience and exhaustion

Late night blogging -my usual style. I mean, all the best ideas come either from experience or from exhaustion, and I think that this idea came to me thanks to both. I was thinking about “sorry” -the word and the … Continue reading

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Quo usque tandem, Catilina, abutere patientia nostra? Quam diu etiam furor iste tuus nos eludet? […]

So, first post. The title cites the very first sentences of Cicero’s “Oratio in Catilinam Prima in Senatu Habita” [=his first speech against Rome’s subversive politician Catilina, pronounced in 63BC in the Senate. The sentence is “How long, Catilina, will … Continue reading

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