I am currently a student who opened this blog because she didn’t want to keep bothering her friends with endless deep conversations on everything. If you are talking to me and I stop and stare at the empty corner, chances are that something came through my mind and I am not getting you involved in it because it would be way too weird. Weird things come to my mind.

In this exact moment, I am thinking about how fascinating the word “supposed” is. How weird would it be to turn to a friend and just speak about it? … exactly. Hence, this blog.

You will find an introduction post at the very beginning of it, but here’s a resume, just for your convenience [see?!, I am weird but I try acting nicely]:

I like complicating things. I was called “UCAS” last year -which stands for “Ufficio Complicazioni Affari Semplici” (Italian for ‘Office for the Complication of the Simplest Things’) and I am not much of a practical person, I like to think about stuff before doing it. Otherwise I just do random and silly things.

But complicating things means over-thinking, which is what I do best!! And here I will post about my biggest moments of over-thinking. When I’ll find something worth writing, I will dedicate it a post.

Most of my over-thinking comes from hearing an ‘interesting word’: “supposed” is my most recent obsession. Before that, I was thinking about the Latin “caedo”=”fall/kill”, and before that it was “fascinating”, and before that I was thinking about Wittgenstein’s “Wovon man nicht sperchen kann, darüber muss mans schweigen”=”Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent”, and… you get the idea. Also sometimes I talk with people and, well, everyone has this absolutely genial, fascinating, interesting ideas and how could someone not pay attention to them!? [Do not be freaked out. Most of the times, I try and be nicely normal…]


Also, I am awful at writing conclusions, so…



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