I tried to quit…

I tried to quit laziness.

It sounds silly, but it is my main problem! On some days, I feel so mentally tired that I cannot bring myself to get up and do all I need to, so I limit myself to performing the strictly necessary tasks -but that is not good enough for anyone!

Obviously, my attempt did not quite work… however, I got a lot better at bringing myself to do things when I decided that, when I am in that mood, if I do not do what I should be doing, I should at least be spending my time doing something that benefits me – exercising.

I found the exercising routine I used for my days without training (when I was in a synchronized swimming team, big time) and stuck it on the wardrobe, so that it reminds me of my options. Two birds with a stone: I am more productive because I cannot do that killing routine five times a day, and I feel better because of the exercise I actually do!


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