Life is a pendulum between pain and boredom?

So, I was looking for info for an assignment and I came across a blog -it seemed interesting, but it wasn’t. Yet, the final sentence was “leave enough time for fun”, which obviously caught my attention.

This will sound SO cliché I almost feel embarrassed in writing it, but… actually, what does one live for?

To accomplish something, I guess. That’s what most people say, right? But after succeeding in it… what?, another goal? And even after someone has accomplished everything he wanted, what would be left? He’d just feel all hyper and pleased with himself for a while, until he decides to move on for the next goal he has set. And then what?!

This reminds me a lot of “life is a pendulum between pain and boredom”, which is what Schopenhauer thought: feeling a desire for something -which causes pain for not having it-, getting it and being bored of not having anything else to desire. Then the cycle starts again… It all feels quite pointless all at a sudden.


and I probably shouldn’t think about it on a sunny Sunday morning after a really nice day.


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