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Call 4894608 and I’ll be here

In order to write my last post better, I looked at the journal I kept this year. I am not talking about the journal where I depicted myself as a Government spy obsessed by cooking and shower times (that notebook … Continue reading

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Suddenly I noticed that it weren’t quite the same / Feel different one morning, maybe it was the rain

Here I am, at Luton Airport, 22:33 of the 26th of June 2013.   This is the very end of my first year as a University student, in the UK -well, let’s make it sound less tragic: in England. In … Continue reading

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About the next few posts:

I am now going to post three pieces of writing I devoted myself to during the night between the 26th and the 27th June, 2013, which I spent at the airport, waiting for my flight to leave. Inevitably, with so … Continue reading

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And now we’ll never know / That sense that tomorrow was far away / And our dreams they will never fade / We never thought the good times could end

I was talking about nostalgia and memories yesterday; today I have changed my mind, as it usually happens to women*. The term “nostalgia” comes from the Ancient Greek words “nóstos” = return and “álgos” = sorrow: it literally indicates that … Continue reading

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I may have just had a little cry

So, I was so absurdly tired until five minutes ago, that I was about to go and sleep forever. Then I decided to look at my flatmate’s room ”for the last time”, since he had left his door open after … Continue reading

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A Painful Case: murdered by her maternal solicitude? By his latent greatness?

And here you go: the second part of this commentary. As I had anticipated in the first half, I will now focus on the main themes of the short story: the development of Mrs. Sinico and Mr. Duffy’s relationship, the … Continue reading

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A Painful Case: he is not the new Mr. Darcy.

And now, a more positive post. About a couple of months ago, I was talking with a close friend about, basically, relationships, listening to people and always being wrong with the whole ‘friendzone’ thing. For some weird coincidence, she was … Continue reading

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