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I tried to quit…

I tried to quit laziness. It sounds silly, but it is my main problem! On some days, I feel so mentally tired that I cannot bring myself to get up and do all I need to, so I limit myself … Continue reading

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I’m back to ear plugs. I really should not, because of the middle-ear infection that has not been completely cured by the antibiotics since I found out I was allergic to them and had to stop taking them. Yet, I … Continue reading

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Siamo una squadra fortissimi [cit.]

I have never wanted to go swimming so much as I do now that I have a horrible skin rash (and it would not be wise to immerse it in chlorine). And five minutes ago I had a long long … Continue reading

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Seagulls time

Today I was woken up by the screams of seagulls outside my window at… 10.53! I think it is the first time in the last year that I wake up this late. I feel like half of my day has … Continue reading

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The Greengrocer (translation of an… interesting song)

I have been away for a while. Busy times, not enough time to focus on writing and nothing cheerful to write about. But now I’m back! I will continue with the Alphabet thing, but now I am compelled to write … Continue reading

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I know something now I didn’t before

When I was eight, we moved from Dalmine San Giuseppe to Mariano di Dalmine. Those are two different areas of the same city, which, if I am right, is composed of seven major areas, each of which includes a few … Continue reading

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D: Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost / I’ll be there on time and I’ll pay the cost / For wanting things that can only be found…

I do honestly most sincerely from the bottom of my heart apologise for not posting daily. I think this daily blog thing may not be made for me -I will surely post twice a week, though. Let’s try how it … Continue reading

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