D: Lives on the line where dreams are found and lost / I’ll be there on time and I’ll pay the cost / For wanting things that can only be found…

I do honestly most sincerely from the bottom of my heart apologise for not posting daily. I think this daily blog thing may not be made for me -I will surely post twice a week, though. Let’s try how it works out for me if I decide to post on Wednesdays and Sundays then!

Also, this specific post has been very hard to design. When I decided to begin this blog series, I talked about it with my sister, who helped me finding a few ‘temporary’ titles I may want to use in it. Of course, as you will notice while we go on with the alphabet, a few choices may be unpopular or silly (and those are completely my fault), whereas some others may leave you in awe and surprise (probably, that was one of my sister’s suggestions…).

But for the letter “D”, well… this in particular has been a hard one. After beginning the series with the Beatles (and it made sense for me; I could not have begun with Vasco Rossi‘s “Albachiara”, even if that was the song that my classmates have always associated with me… I will post about it at some point!, and I could not even have begun with “Abacab”, although it crossed my mind because I used to love it, and it introduced me to my only singer crush; and not even with “All I want for Christmas is you”, even if it would have brought me a few more ‘clicks’ -oh, by the way: thank you, everyone and anyone who has ever clicked, read, liked, followed this blog. It makes me feel a little bit more like a person with a brain and a little less like a rambling shit!)…, after beginning the series with the Beatles, I was saying, continuing with the Ramones (I will admit I was a bit shy. Who the hell am I to write about those songs?!) and going on with such a cool musical as Moulin Rouge, I was sure I wanted to talk about Bruce Springsteen. But specifically about which song?

When I was younger and my mum used to comment “oh I love this song, I absolutely love U2” I would obviously make a mental note to hate U2 with all my resources. It was my mum’s music, I mean!

Then, luckily enough, I grew up and borrowed CDs from my uncle… and once he was like “Oh, that was what your mum used to go crazy for. I still have all of her CDs somewhere, I will find them for you for the next time we see each other”, and gave me “Born in the U.S.A.”. It took me a couple of weeks before putting it in my walkman (oh I loved my walkman… how much I cried when it broke! Its corpse is still in my drawer.), and then I loved it. To the point that I hummed “Downbound train” to myself on my way from school -at middle school I was the uncool-est person of the whole institute; I confide you will understand that I’d rather listening to my own high pitched voice humming a tune in the wrong range rather than to the people following me on my way home! Also, “Downbound train” has very easy lyrics, that I could remember even if I had only studied English for a couple of years (up to the year before, in fact, I was so proud of myself because my sister, who was studying English since her first year of primary school, had taught me the numbers, the months and a few simple sentences. Then I arrived into my class and EVERYONE had taken five years of English at their primary schools, fuck you very much!).

However, “Downbound train” was my favourite song on the whole album for a lot, and it still is, because of the memories! But my mum’s favourite was “Dancing in the dark”. She would talk about how much she was surprised in seeing that Bruce, at his gigs, took girls up on stage to dance with him, and she would sing along to the song when I put the CD on in the car.

And in those occasions, I would always skip the third track, “Darlington county” -I still do not really like it. It was useful, in a way, since a few years ago I wondered what a ‘county’ was… and it was cool, because it was in my English exam. The relief!

Anyway, the following time when I met my uncle, he remembered to bring me all of my mum’s old Bruce Springsteen’s CDs. My mum’s favourite is “Nebraska”, but I have never (shame on me!) listened to it to the end. I was immediately captured by “Darkness on the edge of town” -I mean, have you listened to it? I still put on “Prove it all night” when I feel down. But the first time I listened to it I was home alone, after a particularly bad day at school that had brought me to have a massive row with my family, who had then decided to go doing the shopping without me. So the best track for me in that moment was definitely the title track!

Do you see why it was so hard to decide which Springsteen song beginning with D I wanted to write about?

See you on Sunday with the E!

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