A: I should be sleeping like a log

First day of my blog series!

It seemed obvious to me to begin with a song from the first album I was lent; actually it was the one that got me into music -I had not listened to music before, because that was what all of my peers were doing and I wanted to differ. I know, such a troubled kid. Clearly, I am going to talk about memories with this one post, not to punctually analyse the whole song.


So, “A hard day’s night”. And, before you ask, I have not seen the film… my bad. I promise I will, sooner or later!


I was given the Beatles’ “1” by my uncle, who had me interested by talking about that time when he queued for hours to get the last Beatles-modeled boots. Of course, at the age of 11 I had not studied any English yet, so I was amused by the way that song sounded – “IsbinaHaaaaadeisnai ten abinuokiuokauo”- and found the rhythm cool.

Also, none of my peers was listening to those old bands, which made me feel like a hippie therefore encouraged my enthusiasm, up to the point that I took most CDs from those years from my uncle. And I got to know the Rolling Stones, and the Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Giorgio Gaber, Elvis, Mina, Eric Clapton. When I remained at school the following year, since in my secondary school, surprisingly, there was an Internet connection (YouTube!!!! Am I the only one of my age who remembers the magic of YouTube for listening to stuff?!), I diligently carried on my research and found out about The Velvet Underground, Jimi Hendrix, The Who and all those people. I mean.

The thing that shocks me the most is that I remember asking my music teacher if I could do my end-of-the-year research project [I was fourteen by then] on Pink Floyd (I just wanted to know about the albums cover, I was not that clever yet!) and my classmates being disgusted by the fact that I was listening to that. Well, most of them at least: four of them knew about the band. I think that was the sign of how marginalised I had become by the end of secondary school! Also because I totally missed out on Blue and Finley.


And… this is it. I will not analyse the musical characteristics because, not being a musician myself, that would be totally copied from some other source -therefore, I think that this one is a pretty good analysis; nor the lyrics , because I only understood them a couple of years ago; it will be enough to say that I thought it was about working in the mines… I got confused with the Sex Pistols, possibly!








Also, let me be faithful to my principles: I do not own nor claim copyrights on anything/anyone I wrote about. But yes, this is advertising (I just do not get paid for it, it’s voluntary): get a music taste better than my old classmates’!

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