About having something to do and a long-term project

Today I watched “Julie and Julia” with my sister: to be short, it is about this young woman, Julie, who sets herself the challenge of cooking all the recipes from Julia Child‘s cookbook; it takes her 365 days for 524 dishes, and she records her experience through daily blogs. The movie itself is quite enjoyable: not only because of Maryl Streep and Amy Adams’ funny portrait of their characters, but because of a couple of secondary characters I found interesting -those holy husbands, for instance. And because of the oh so many themes that one could be willing to analyse… But I am not going to spoil it for anyone.

In fact, even if I did not have an extraordinary epiphany, ‘Julie and Julia’ inspired me! Not to cook, I would never be able to cook (screw the message of Ratatouille); to create a series of blog entries commenting on a passion of mine.

Yeah, I know… my apologies, my dear readers.

I will obviously focus those posts on something music related: have you ever played that game when you have to say band names in an alphabetical order, and the first one who cannot name a band with that letter (I have always found H challenging. I cannot spell things beginning with H) loses?, well, I will try and comment on a song with a title beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Since there are… hold on… twenty-four?, no, actually, reciting the alphabet I could count twenty-six letters. So, since I can write about twenty-six songs at least, I will try and post daily for this month. I will pick the songs among the ones that I know already and that are linked to a special memory, because that way I will make sure to have an embarrassing post for you to read; but, as always, suggestions are welcome!



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