‘Best laid plans’

I’ve finished yesterday everything I had to do for University this year. And now I am ‘free’ -much earlier than last year, when I had finished in mid-July! Last year I did not have any specific plan for the rest of the summer, apart from English language revision (obviously. I wish I had not wasted so much time on it, though, since my pronunciation remained absolutely incorrect and, well, there is not really much grammar to work on anyway) and generally spending as much time as possible with my friends.

Since this year’s holidays are going to be so long, though, and since my New Year’s Resolutions were rubbish, I thought I should make a plan of goals. Ok, truth is that I am bored but not able to focus enough to read anything since I have been sleeping way too less for the past week even when I would have wanted to have an early night.


First, I need to be more ‘stable’ as a person.

Second, I will have to go swimming regularly -every other day, ideally, but I think that saying at least twice a week is a good compromise.

Third, I will read at least ten books this summer, possibly half of them not strictly on philosophy. Those absolutely on the list are:

The Great Gatsby -Fitzgerald-, because it was lent to me and I really should;

Io sono un gatto -Soseki-, because I only need to read the last 30 pages and I could not finish it last year. It is an amazing novel with a philosophical theme that runs throughout… and it is written from a cat’s perspective.

Northanger Abbey -Austen-, because I took it up when I decided that I had to read something by Austen and I did not progress further than three pages. I owe it to her, in a way.

Tokyo Soup -Murakami-, because it was highly recommended by the same friend who recommended Soseki’s masterpiece.

The Hunger Games -Collins-, because yes. I have only read the first book and I want to see how my favourite character will die. I know he does because everyone lowers their eyes when I ask them what happens to him.

In Search of Lost Time -Proust-, because it’s a ‘classic’ talking about ‘classics’ and I want to feel clever and stupid at the same time by understanding only a quarter of what he is talking about.

Le affinitá elettive -Goethe-, because I do not know what it is about and it is a huge gap in my general culture.

Aut Aut -Kierkegaard-, because I wanted to read it entirely during the last school year but was way too busy. I still really want to read it top to bottom, I enjoyed his style.

Dio, dove sei? -Bianchi-, because it was recommended. And it has a promising title, even if I am not sure about the author -the last time I read a book by him I was very disappointed in his views, even if you have to admit he is a good writer.

L’aleph -Borges-, because I have seen it too many times and I am curious.

Special addition:

Winter of the World -Follett-, because it is the kind of thing that I may like. It is in the ‘special’ section because it is so long that I do not want to risk not finishing it…

Cecitá -Saramago-, because I have only heard a quote by this book in a theatre play I went to see and it got me interested. Two lines, so the book must be exceptional.

Timore e tremore -Kierkegaard-, because it was an inside joke between my friends and me last year, but I have never got the chance to read it (“Angelo!”).

And, stop. I will never find enough time, but this is more of a wish-list, and there is still next year. Crap I forgot to include Leith’s opera omnia (he is a linguist/philology who writes so clearly and neatly that I can understand a bit of English philology without knowing pretty much nothing of Celtic languages)… well, I have now.

Finally, I will learn to bake cookies. This was mind+a friend’s project last summer, but since she was studying for her University admission tests, we kind of gave up. We should try again this year!

And with this, I end a long, self-absorbed post. I will try and see how much of this list I can fulfill!

Also, the tile is because I was listening to James Blunt and I got the doubt that maybe he just foresees the future – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jWW0-Run_g


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