“It’s easy”

So, love.
Not an easy post at all, but my aim is not to define love, talk about love, not even decide what love is. Just random thoughts, as usual, on those songs I think of if someone comes up to me and says “love”. And, NO, it’s not because of Valentine’s Day -I am cleaning my drafts and this has been in here for a while (it says it’s been created on the 7th of February!).
I am about to write this both for personal reasons and because, well, how horrid would it be not to have at least ONE post about ‘love’ ?! Let me be conformist and boring for once (or for the hundredth time, it depends on your opinion on my blog. While we’re on topic -feel free to leave comments instead of messaging me, I’ll see them anyway!)

Alright, let’s think about this together.

All you need is love! => if this is not the first thing that came to your mind, there might be something wrong with your brain connections (said with much love and affection). Other than that, I do not know… more important than love are air, food, heat, CATS… ok, maybe cats are not so important for everyone. But apart from these physical needs, and I may be stating the obvious here, of course love is the first thing you need. Have you ever been completely and utterly alone, with the impression you could not talk to anyone and that you were a burden for everyone surrounding you? If yes, then, yes, you do understand how important ‘love’ (as in friendly and understanding love) is. Unless you adore Hobbes so much that you agree that true, uninterested love does not exist and you like people because you get something from them -I sometimes feel really loving/caring towards someone who just does not like me and would literally stab me if the opportunity arose… I believe that’s not ‘being opportunist’!

I hear what the flowers say => One out of a billion quotes I could have chosen: it’s about being just completely, hopelessly ‘minchioni’ (quick translation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9STvCQNLwY that’s the level of cerebral activity and span of attention I am referring to). Or it could be about taking drugs, for all I know -pretty much the same thing, right?

The wet grass on our backs as the autumn breeze drifts through the trees => could you imagine anything in the world more poetic than this? More romantic? In the same song, there’s the line “my jacket around your shoulders”. I mean… kitten


Ai shiteru / Omae wo mada sagashiteru [I love you / I am still searching for you] =>I just love the atmosphere of the whole song, but I’m only picking one line, so… this is the most relevant. It’s about the “streben” (Goethe), but in love. Isn’t it beautiful?!

E quando non verrá mattina, resterò accanto a te / e quando il buio si avvicina, se succede pensa a me [And when the morning will not come, I will stay by your side / and when darkness falls, if it happens think of/about me] => this could be my wedding promise, really. My dear future spouse, take notes please!


And this could be it, really. For the moment. Happy Valentine’s Day… … …


Do I stand in your way, or am I the best thing you’ve ever had?

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