Requests and egotism

I have received my first request for a blog post! From a close friend, but still -a request!!

And… I WILL publish a series of blog related to it during the summer. I have to delay it because the request was to write about studying at Uni abroad -I have not finished my FIRST year yet, I’m not even halfway through it, so… I’d think it is best to wait at least until this summer: I will have finished my first year, will be in my home country (I honestly cannot even think about it. It is going to feel SO weird, to hear another language on the streets..!) and will have had time to re-think stuff. And, most importantly… with no assignments and general chaos around!!

So, thank you for your request, You-Know-Who-You-Are: it will be exhaustively satisfied during the summer -I’ll plan about five posts on it =]

And whilst I am on this topic… you can send me requests! Comments are abilitated and so are messages on this site, or get on tumblr ( and ask if you are desperate ( I, for some strange reason, like writing on a given topic, so go ahead.

And after this almost useless and very self-centered post, it’s time for…

The End.

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